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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Are you ready ?

Ready for the next release of AutoCAD?
AutoCAD 2006
, coming soon to a reseller near you...

Here are a few great places to have a look at what's included in the "soon to be released" AutoCAD 2006 (these links are not presented in any specific order), but I highly would recommend bookmarking these sites (downloading any videos or other media files) and return often to them often, as there is so much excellent content):

Beth Powell's
AutoCAD 2006!

Ellen Finklestein's
Web Site:
Sneak Preview of AutoCADĀ® 2006!

Jimmy Bergmark's
Blog and Web Site:

Lee Ambrosius'
Hyperpics Blog & Web Site:
Forgot a Command's Name, Now What?
Ignore Z values (AutoCAD 2006)
What's Changed in the ActiveX API? - AutoCAD 2006
Fields get some new muscle in AutoCAD 2006

Lynn Allen's
A Sneak Peak at AutoCAD 2006!
More AutoCAD 2006 Features!
AutoCAD 2006 - Other Cool Stuff!
AutoCAD 2006 - Other Awesome Features
AutoCAD 2006 - Let the Features Continue

Mark Kiker's
CAD Manager Blog:
AutoCAD 2006 Drawing Recovery Manager
AutoCAD 2006 - The Box

Matt Dillon's Blog:
AutoCAD 2006 - (Yes, 2006) - A Couple of my Favorite Things

Richard Binning's Blog:
AutoCAD 2006 is just around the corner...Sneak peak!
AutoCAD 2006 New Features Assistance

Robin Capper's Blog:
AutoCAD 2006 Preview
AutoCAD 2006 Preview ~ What NO COMMAND LINE? ~ Dynamic input & Heads Up Design
AutoCAD 2006 Preview ~ Customisation, Display and Selection Changes
AutoCAD 2006 Preview ~ Dynamic Blocks

Shaan Hurley's Blog:
AutoCAD 2006 - Coming soon to a desktop near you
AutoCAD 2006 - 3D DWF
AutoCAD 2006 - Dynamic Blocks and Display Enhancements

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