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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Unofficial AutoCAD History Page

Shaan Hurley's Unofficial AutoCAD History Page:

What release of AutoCAD did you start with?

My first exposure to AutoCAD was 2.17g (unofficially known as Release 6).

We were running this "CAD thing" (as my bosses called it) on an IBM PC 8088 with an 8087 Math Co-processor (remember those?)... this was before the days of even Hard Drives, so booting with an Operating System disk (I believe it was actually called PC-DOS and then eventually we were assimilated to MS-DOS) was a necessity (or you got to learn about BASIC!!!)

Trivia: Only old farts like me know what day of the week 01-01-80 is.... do know what day of the week that date fell on? (e.g.: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....) This was the date that a PC would boot to if the internal clock's power/battery was reset or needed replacing.

Anyway, have a look at Shaan's page, very cool looking through the older releases and seeing when commands, features were added or enhanced. If you have an interesting story about your first AutoCAD experiences, drop me an email... it always fascinates me to see what people design or how they use the product or how long they have been using it.

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