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Sunday, March 13, 2005

ICC, ICCLinks & GAUG...

The Information Source of Design Professionals...

ICCLinks ( ), is a website with soon to have over 1,000 CAD and Design links to make information learning and exchange easier. It was created by the ICC ( or International CAD Council)( ), which also has plans for on-line learning / education as well as other programs to aid those wanting to learn design and how to leverage technology to create those designs.

You will also notice on either page above a link provided to sign up for their free Newsletter. ICC recruits outside CAD experts to share their ideas with the CAD using public by writing for their newsletter... and they freely distribute it to other users groups, educational institutes, or other design professionals.

Please help me welcome them to the CAD community by checking out their sites, bookmarking them and most important by visiting them often and passing along any useful information to others. Also, if you are in the St. Louis area, check out the Gateway Autodesk User Group (GAUG) and tell him (Brian Meyers) Tracy Lincoln sent you!

Giving back, sharing and helping others is what it is really all about...

- Enjoy


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