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Friday, February 15, 2008

Lynn Allen's AutoCAD Tips & Tricks Videos on CADalyst

Know Your User Interface

Your user interface contains these great time-saving tools that you may not know about.

Cool Key Combinations

These key combinations will help you quickly get to the drawings, viewports, and onaps you want.

Use the F1 Key to Escape

Don't remove that F1 key; make it work to your advantage.

Rev Up Your Right Click

Here's the secret to using your mouse for Enter as well as to access shortcut menus in AutoCAD.

Easy Tangent Arcs and Lines

Create tangent arcs and lines with one click; add multiple text entries while in Dtext.

Make the Most of Dynamic Input

These quick tips show a few of the ways you can use AutoCAD's new dynamic input functionality to make your drawing life a little bit easier.

Improve Your Dtext Dexterity

Improve Your Dtext Dexterity - Tip #7

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