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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Help! - Part 3

...continued from my previous post, Help! & Help! - Part 2

Many people know me from either training sessions I have had the pleasure of instructing them at, or possibly online within Autodesk's online discussion groups as a Facilitator. As I mentioned in the first Help! posting, I truly believe in trying to help people help themselves... today it is just as important to know where or how to find the help one needs vs. trying to actually know everything. (you simply cannot know everything.)

For as long as I have used and taught AutoCAD I am always learning something new... whether it be a tip, trick or a trap, there are always other methods and I have always learned something from each and every class I have taught (even if it is what not to do)...

I typically will take this approach when showing students how to use their resources to help themselves.

a.) Use the built in Help facilities...

As mentioned in my first Help! posting, there is a lot of good and useful information within the Help facilities, sometimes it is a matter of finding it that is the hard part... but with each new release of AutoCAD the Help seems to get better or easier to use. Knowing how to use it (or it's various tabs to search for content is the key).

But, if that doesn't work then,

b.) Search Autodesk's AutoCAD Knowledge Base and Support Area...

By using a keyword or keywords (and as with the Help facilities one might have to get creative)... there are a lot of Technical Documents, Solutions or pages pointing to other helpful Technical content (always look for the "See Also" links)...

But, if that doesn't work then,

c.) Search Autodesk's Online AutoCAD Discussion Groups...

Over the years I have found these groups to be possibly THE BEST resource for help... These are Peer-to-peer discussion groups that are hosted by Autodesk. For an Overview and some FAQ, as well as a description of what these discussion groups are all about Click Here.

Please review and understand the discussion group Ground Rules before participating.

And yes, I am a volunteer within the groups, so be kind...

If you are still not able to get results then,

d.) Try using one other AutoCAD Support venues

Possibly contacting your Reseller or use a Fee-based Support venue... One thing, if you are on Subscription part of your benefits include Web Support.

I hope this helps you to help yourself or possibly others.

- Enjoy


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