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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Good links to other CAD Blogs

From Shaan Hurley's Blog:
Autodesk University Class Handouts - Now on

From Lynn Allen's Blog:
Quick Tip - Another Super Speedy Means of Counting your Blocks!

From Lee Ambrosius' Blog:
February Issue of HotNews

From Beth Powell's CAD Blog:
Profiles to the rescue!

From Mark Kiker's CAD Manager Blog:
ADT 2005 - VIZ Render Tutorials

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

2005 Custom Keyboard Dialog Box

In AutoCAD 2002, 2004 or 2005 you can use the CUSTOMIZE command and then go to the "Keyboard" tab on the CUSTOMIZE dialog box and Select "Show All..."

Figure 1 - 2005 Custom Keyboard Dialog Box

Note: You can also use the pulldown menu Tools > Customize... or right-click on any toolbar and select Customize...

2005 Shortcut Keys Listing

Below are the "Shortcut Keys" (note you can resize the dialog box and the columns)... the green highlights are what was added from R2002 to R4004 and the blue highlights are what was added from R2004 to 2005.

Figure 2 - 2005 Shortcut Keys Listing

Note: You can enlarge either Figure 1 or 2 above by selecting them...

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Saturday, February 12, 2005


CAD Journal has great articles, reviews and insight from former CADENCE tech editor Peter Sheerin.

TLConsulting makes the list! See the other CAD Blogs

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

AutoCAD Tip - Cycle Through Tabs

To add to Lynn Allen's most excellent tip on her Blog entitled:
Quick Tip - Quick Access to Open Drawings

You can also use CTRL+PageUp & CTRL+PageDown to quickly cycle back-n-forth through multiple tabs within the open drawing (Model > Layout1 > Layout2).

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

CADlantic's Web Site

CADlantic (formerly CADvantage) has many utilities, offers training and support. While mainly geared towards Land Desktop, Civil, Survey (older Softdesk) applications, John Uhden has a very good selection of tools. There is also a "Freebies" page where one can download free offerings from CADlantic... where one of my favorite utilities is called KILLDOTS.LSP and I am described as "the ever jocular Tracy Lincoln"

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AutoCAD Tutorial Web Site

Learn CAD Fast has been adding content...

Download your free AutoCAD video tutorials from their AutoCAD tutorials page and Learn CAD Fast! Sign up is free and gives you instant access to their Introduction to AutoCAD Tutorials.

More basic AutoCAD tutorials

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Manufacturers CAD Data Links

PartSpec® is the ultimate source for pre-drawn mechanical and electrical parts and data. Here you'll find over one million parts that can easily be downloaded into your CAD drawings.
View PartSpec Drawings
PartSpec Manufacturer Listing

PlantSpec® contains hundreds of thousands of pre-drawn plant-design components from leading manufacturers, ready to drag and drop into any CAD drawing.

View PlantSpec Drawings
PlantSpec Manufacturer Listing

CADBlocks® is your single source for standard drawings and technical data for over 500,000 building products. It's an indispensable design resource for any architect or facilities manager. Contents by CMDGroup.

View CADBlocks Drawings
CADBlocks Manufacturer Listing

GLOBALSPEC (an Engineering Search Engine):

ThomasNet (another Thomas Register search tool):

Electrical Enclosure Manufacturers (with CAD Data):

Hoffman Engineering:


Saginaw Control & Engineering: