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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Autodesk Manfacturing Blogs

This is a correction to my previous post... Autodesk has moved their Manufacturing Blogs and these are the corrected links

Autodesk Manfacturing Blogs:

Stay in the loop on the manufacturing buzz that matters – read entries from industry pros in the know. You'll find our manufacturing blogs below. Browse other related blogs and join in the dialogue by submitting a link to your own blog.

The Evangelist Speaks
Subject: Manufacturing Solutions
Host: Kevin Schneider

Under the Hood
Subject: Autodesk Vault & Autodesk Productstream
Host: Grant Rochelle

In the Machine
Subject: Autodesk Inventor
Hosts: Amy Bunszel, Garin Gardiner

Controlling the Machine
Subject: AutoCAD Electrical
Host: Nate Holt

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