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Monday, September 17, 2007


Another pair of undocumented AutoCAD commands :-(

CLASSICIMAGE (yes you have to type it in at the command prompt) will give you the older pre-AutoCAD 2007 Image Manager dialog box...

CLASSICXREF (yes you have to type it in at the command prompt) will give you the older pre-AutoCAD 2007 Xref Manager dialog box...

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Friday, September 07, 2007

ATC Open Doors Training

ATC® Open Doors

Step into the world of modern design technology. Design technology that will help you create better products in less time, for less money. Autodesk and its Authorized Training Centers are opening their doors to you. At the same time, they’re opening new opportunities for you to work better and be more productive. Over the next few months, Autodesk Authorized Training Centers will host more than 2000 hands-on seminars across the globe. These seminars are free of charge and allow you to test-drive the latest versions of Autodesk software technology. Chances are, there’s a seminar near you. So come in and join them. Experience the power of today’s design technology. They think you’ll like what you see.

What is an “Open Doors” event?
An “Open Doors” event is an Autodesk mini-seminar or workshop, held at an Authorized Training Center. Most seminars run from one to three hours. All seminars are FREE of charge. The purpose of these seminars is to allow you to experience the latest releases of Autodesk software with an expert instructor to guide you. This is your chance to get a hands-on experience with the latest in design technology. Take advantage of the fact that a trained instructor will be there to guide you!

Where can I find an “Open Doors” event?
There are more than 1500 Autodesk Authorized Training Centers throughout the world. So chances are, there’s an event near you. Please consult the
Contact section to find an ATC partner in your city.

When will the events be held?
Open Doors events begin in March and continue throughout the year. Check the
Calendar to find events near you.

Why should I attend an Open Doors event?
Increase your knowledge and productivity! Autodesk ATCs are expert trainers and will help you develop your own personal path to productivity.


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