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Friday, July 31, 2009

Autodesk, TenLinks Ride Against MS

Help Autodesk and Roopinder Tara (Tenlinks) reach their goal to help fight against MS!!!

You can read more about the event on TenLinks:

More information on the Team Autodesk page:

Monday, January 19, 2009

NOTICE: CAD Panacea has moved

R.K. McSwain's "CAD Panacea" has moved from his Blogger site to his own domain. You should update the URL...

The new address is

Monday, February 25, 2008

CADalyst's eNewsletters

CADalyst's eNewsletters

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Lynn Allen's AutoCAD Tips & Tricks Videos on CADalyst

Know Your User Interface

Your user interface contains these great time-saving tools that you may not know about.

Cool Key Combinations

These key combinations will help you quickly get to the drawings, viewports, and onaps you want.

Use the F1 Key to Escape

Don't remove that F1 key; make it work to your advantage.

Rev Up Your Right Click

Here's the secret to using your mouse for Enter as well as to access shortcut menus in AutoCAD.

Easy Tangent Arcs and Lines

Create tangent arcs and lines with one click; add multiple text entries while in Dtext.

Make the Most of Dynamic Input

These quick tips show a few of the ways you can use AutoCAD's new dynamic input functionality to make your drawing life a little bit easier.

Improve Your Dtext Dexterity

Improve Your Dtext Dexterity - Tip #7

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

CADalyst's eNewsletters

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CAD Manager's Newsletter
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Harry's Code Class: Tips for Programmers
Develop your Visual LISP, VBA and ObjectARX programming prowess with AutoCAD expert Bill Kramer, author of Cadalyst's monthly Hot Tip Harry column. Mails the fourth Tuesday of each month, except holidays.
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AEC Tech News
AEC Tech News examines CAD-related technologies and hot topics for AEC professionals. Mails the first, third and fourth Thursdays of each month.
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MCAD Tech News
Jeffrey Rowe evaluates software for mechanical design, analysis and manufacturing and examines other MCAD-related news, events and issues. Mails the first three Thursdays of each month.
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GIS Tech News
Authors Kenneth Wong and Andrew Roe analyze top trends and relevant developments in GIS and mapping: major product releases, open standards, government initiatives and more. Mails the first and third Tuesdays of each month.
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Acrobat Insider: AEC
Tips and tricks for AEC professionals who use Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional and the PDF format, from Cadalyst and Adobe. Mails once a month.
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Tips & Tricks Tuesdays: Cadalyst Video Gallery Updates

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


CADdetails has some really great content. If you are in the AEC industry, go check it out

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

AUGI and AutoCAD Electrical

If you are not already a registered AUGI member, do yourself a favor and sign up (register) it's free and there is all sorts of good information on their site, in their forums, in their publications (AUGI World and Hot News), their online education (ATP and eLearning) and Autodesk University Handouts Archives (handouts from past AU sessions).

One article for instance in the January 2008 edition of
Hotnews (see link below, and you have to be registered to access it) is entitled: Working with AutoCAD Electrical Project Files:

AUGI HotNews - January 2008
Working with AutoCAD Electrical Project Files
Author Renata Pfeifer investigates the .wdi file and its potential for extra control over drawings in AutoCAD Electrical.

AUGI HotNews - November 2007
AutoCAD Electrical: Terminal Strip Editor Gets Update
In the newest version of AutoCAD Electrical (2008), you'll be pleased with the enhancements to the Terminal Strip Editor. Author Randy Brunette shows you all the new tools for managing and editing terminals and terminal strips within your drawings.

AUGI HotNews - October 2007
AutoCAD Electrical: Project-related Files
This month, Renata Pfeifer reviews component descriptions, *.wdd extension and ratings, *.wdr extension, which helps with keeping components consistent.

AUGI HotNews - September 2007
AutoCAD Electrical: Cable Teamwork
Columnist Randy Brunette teaches you all about representing cables in AutoCAD Electrical software.

AUGI HotNews - August 2007
AutoCAD Electrical: Project-related Files
Renata Pfeifer shows you how to organize wire color/gauge labels in AutoCAD Electrical.

AUGI HotNews - July 2007
Something New for AutoCAD Electrical
A modern, updated interface in AutoCAD Electrical 2008 provides for easy component selection and menu customization. Take a look.

AUGI HotNews - June 2007
AutoCAD Electrical: Installation & Location Codes
Renata Pfeifer examines AutoCAD Electrical. This month: installation and location codes used for selections in components.

AUGI HotNews - May 2007
AutoCAD Electrical: Compatibility Issues
Intrigued by AutoCAD Electrical but not sure you are ready to leave good ol' AutoCAD? No problem - the transition is effortless.

AUGI HotNews - April 2007
Capable, Valuable, AutoCAD Electrical
This article features quick tips and shortcuts on AutoCAD Electrical. All these little time-savers add up a nice productivity boost.

AUGI HotNews - March 2007
Meet AutoCAD Electrical
New HotNews writer Randy Brunette introduces you to AutoCAD Electrical, Autodesk's control system design software.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Electrical Resources: Mike Holt

Even if you are not a Sparky (every once in awhile you still need to check your shorts), so bookmark the site, save this email or pass the information along... I hope it helps.

Ground Rules and about the forum (read through it):

The Discussion Forums (searchable):

Mike Holt's Forum HOME PAGE (FREE registration):

Free stuff (spreadsheets, calculations, etc.):

Technical Subjects:

and all sorts of other good information.

- Enjoy

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Wish List Ballots Are Now Available - Vote Now!

AutoCAD Wish List Ballot

Revit Arch Wish List Ballot

Civil 3D Wish List Ballot

Inventor Wish List Ballot

The voting will only continue until October 31st, but why wait?

Go to the
Wish List of your choice and vote today!


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

FILLET and oldie but goodie

FILLET is an old favorite and has been updated many times throughout the years...

Being a "sparky" (that's what they call us electrical types) there are many right-angle or zero-radius corners.

Fillet with a radius of 0.0 has been a great time saver since the command was introduced in Version 1.4 (Release 4) October 1983.

Thanks to Shaan Hurley's Unofficial AutoCAD History Pages here is the 411 on FILLET.

Fillet was updated to include polylines in Version 2.1 (Release 6) May 1985 .

Fillet was then made to work with arcs and circles Version 2.5 (Release 7) June 1986 .

In Release 11 October 1990 Filleting two Lines that cross, AutoCAD now retains the "picked" line segments. In previous versions, the shorter ends were trimmed no matter which points you used to select the lines.

In Release 13 November 1994 New option: Trim. The extrusion direction of the object you select no longer needs to be parallel to the Z axis of the current UCS. R13 <- YIKES!

Somewhere in here FILLET was added to work with 3D SOLIDS... not sure, but although clunky it works on them.

And then in AutoCAD 2000i July 2000 some valuable user feedback and requests added Fillet and Chamfer multiple polylines, Change Fillet Radius without Exiting Fillet Command.

Listed as "FILLET - Rounds and fillets the edges of objects " as a change ??? in AutoCAD 2006 March 2005.

I am not sure which release introduced the ability to use a crossing to select two objects to select to be FILLETed, nor do I remember when selecting two parallel lines/plines would produce a rounded endcap (great for slots, or in the electrical discipline cable shielding).

At last, where the Multiple sub-option was added to FILLET (keeps the command looping)... no doubt a very small enhancement that leads to huge time savings (remember right-clicking, banging the spacebar or enter key to repeat FILLETS? I do :-(

Another improvement or feature is that a user can fillet a PLINE to a non-pline object and it fillets and joins all in the FILLET commands operation.

One last improvement, again I can't remember when it was added, is that a user can set a radius and leave that as default (e.g.: 1.5 units) and while using the FILLET command you can hold down the SHIFT key to still get a zero radius fillet... another small but welcomed feature.

If you have more fillet tips, tricks or comments... please email me with FILLET in the subject line... or leave a comment here.

- Enjoy

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